What should we know about Glutathione

Glutathione is a Master Antioxidants of our body. Master Antioxidants neutralize our free radicals in our body, includes pollutant or an excess of minerals in our body.

Glutathione is made up of three amino acid Glutamine, Glycine and Cysteine and no scary adversary action or side effects all GOOD. People after on the side effect which is the skin whitening.

They found out according to international study they give this Glutathione to patient receiving cisplatin chemotherapy. They found out all patient is getting Whiter since Glutathione mechanism of actions is an antioxidant which is reduce the drastic properties of cisplatin chemotherapy.

There they discover the Glutathione, it inhibits the production of melanin pigment by melanocytes that why people chasing whiter skin. Is there such thing as overdose of Glutathione? NO! There is no such thing as glutathione overdosing because our body to be specifically our liver it has 5 moles of Glutathione reductase.

So if we surplus the intake of Glutathione that Glutathione reductase will be the one to isplies glutathione back into the three amino acids which is Glutamine, Glycine and Cysteine so there no such thing such overdosing.

If you’re already whiter is there any way you don’t need to go under the sun, lotions, etc.. Or foods that not allowed? All foods allowed that’s why all persons using oral glutathione or glutathione injectables don’t forget to use sunscreen protection.

Let’s say you’re going to the beach or trip, should you stop using your glutathione intake for that in a period of time? No, not necessarily because the mechanism of actions of Glutathione is antioxidant so if you go outside, you still can take glutathione but you have to put your sunscreen.

Is there a continuous period of time taking glutathione? You can take Glutathione FOREVER. Why forever? Like celebrities why they maintain glutathione, because of ANTIOXIDANT property not only for whitening.

So positively glutathione is not just for glowing and whitening skin there is also inside effect. So when way say Antioxidant which it neutralize free radicals like for example pollutants, imbalance of our internal medo.

So if a person wants to get whiter skin and use glutathione, but it takes longer before it will effect to them. Means to say the Glutathione initially work the problem before inhibiting the melanin production that’s why if you take glutathione, and will not take effect immediately means to say it repair first what to repair in our body.

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