Luxxe White Proud User Top #1 Most Effective Skin Whitening Supplement Today (before and after)

Discover today’s High Quality Top Most Effective Skin Whitening Supplements.

  • Enhanced type of glutathione, which is clinically proven to be absorbed by the body
  • Glutathione Blend: L-Glutamic Acid (180mg), Glycine (200mg), L-Cysteine (120mg)
  • Packed with Glutathione Boosters: NAC (100mg), Vitamin C (100mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (50mg), Grapeseed Extract (25mg)
  • 775 mg of Enhanced Glutathione and Glutathione Boosters per capsule
  • 100% Authentic and Made in the USA
  • FDA & HALAL Approved, Certified cGMP and Manufactured by AIE Pharmaceuticals

Luxxe White Glutathione is an ENHANCED type of glutathione that acts like an accelerator, which can help the body naturally produce its own glutathione. Enhanced glutathione is clinically proven to be absorbed by the body compared to regular glutathione brands. As such, Luxxe White can give you a more radiant and glowing complexion that you has always dreamed of.


How Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione Works

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It’s also found in fruits, vegetables and meat. It is made of three types of amino acids, namely cysteine, glycine and glutamic acids. Glutathione is a class of molecules called antioxidants, whose primary job is to alleviate oxidative stress.

Oxidative Stress is a chemical phenomenon that occurs when cells are injured. Cells can be damaged physically, by viruses and bacteria, via toxic exposure and/or normal aging. The result is atoms in the cell lose electrons and need new ones.
Glutathione is often referred to as a MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. It has been widely heralded for its importance on good health. Taken in increased dose, glutathione will not only improve your overall well-being, but will also produce a remarkable side effect, which is SKIN WHITENING.


Sige! Ilabas natin yung pinaka karumal dumal sa buong mundo mandiri kana kung mandiri.

Sabihin mo lahat ng pinahid mo sa mukha mo, napahid ko na yan! Laki narin ng nagastos mas dumadami din naman. Kakapagod nakaka stress! Di makalabas ng bahay akala mo kung sinong aswang nakita. There! Di dahil nagbebenta ako neto isisales talk ko na sya ha?

Sadyang grabe yung effect sakin kaya naging reseller ako. Baka lang kasi isa karin sa mga katulad kong gastos dito gastos duon wala namang nagbago. Search Luxxe white on google, lalabas sya as the Most Effective master anti-oxidant and powerful whitening capsule na mag lilinis ng buong katawan mo and you’ll never imagine na mas may igaganda kapa pala.

• Kailangan ba ipagsabay? Di ba pwedeng luxxe white lang? Actually pwede naman po, mas napapabilis lang ang effect pag may Luxxe Protect saka yan kasi talaga ang ginamit ko.
• 13 and above ang pwedeng gumamit sa ituturo ko po na procedure.
• Pwedeng pwede sa lalaki at babae

Thank you Luxxe white ng sobra sobra! For inquiries and pano sya i-take ng tama, turo ko sayo anong ginawa ko. Message lang! God speed!
PS. Bakit may mga dugo? Kinurot ko yan sa soooobrang inis na inis na inis. Desperada na te haha!

Available for 30 capsules for only Php2, 500.00 but you can save your money Php2, 000.00 for 60 capsules for only Php2, 980.00.

– Ms. Christina Blue

Awarded by Best Brand and Customer Choice

Recommended usage:
1-2 capsules per day, preferably 30 minutes before or after meals.


Frequently Asked Questions About Luxxe White White Enhanced Glutathione.

Q: How long before I really see the results?
A: The average time to see a visible change in skin color is about 2 to 3 weeks.

Q: Why is it that some people see results early and others take longer?
A: Results vary because everyone has a different metabolism; it also depends on your baseline Glutathione level.

Q: What is the recommended dosage to be able to achieve faster results?
A: To achieve faster results, the optimal dosage for a certain person must be based on his/her body weight and skin tone. The less you weigh, the less you need to take. Once you have achieved your desired skin tone, you may maintain it by taking 1 capsule daily.

Q: Is there such a thing as glutathione over dosage?
A: There is no known overdose because LUXXE WHITE is water-soluble, any excess Glutathione in your system will be excreted through urine or bile. Did you know that Glutathione can be given at a daily dose of more than 500mg to some people? LUXXE WHITE and its component ingredients are all supplements; they already exist in our bodies.

Q: What makes LUXXE WHITE different compared to other whitening pills?
A: The ingredients in LUXXE WHITE are not only powerful individually, but also work together in what is known as antioxidant cycling. Antioxidant cycling is a term that describes how antioxidants work together to extend each other’s lives and make each other more potent. This is also the reason why LUXXE WHITE is so effective when it comes to whitening skin during long-term use.

Q: Is it advisable to continue using some whitening creams or gels while using?
A: Yes. You may continue using whitening creams and gels while taking LUXXE WHITE.

Q: Can LUXXE WHITE give me an equal skin tone all over me?
A: Since LUXXE WHITE is an oral supplement, the effect is total, meaning the whitening process goes from head to toe, you will have an even skin tone all over your body.

Q: Is LUXXE WHITE a drug, vitamin or supplement?
A: LUXXE WHITE is considered a food and dietary supplement. It is not a drug and there are no known contraindications and precautions to be taken into consideration.

Q: Should I stop taking the pill once I have achieved my desired skin tone?
A: Once you have achieved your desired skin tone/complexion, it is advisable to take ONE (1) capsule of LUXXE WHITE for maintenance purposes.

Q: Is it safe to expose my skin to sunlight while taking LUXXE WHITE?
A: Sunlight provides Vitamin D, but overexposure will directly affect the whitening process. Use sunblock or sunscreen lotion that provides an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 45-60 to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

Q: Why is LUXXE WHITE considered as liver food?
A: The level of glutathione in the liver is critically linked to the livers ability to detoxify. The higher the glutathione content, the greater the liver capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals. Typically, when we are exposed to chemicals to which can damage the liver including alcohol, the concentration of glutathione in the liver is substantially reduced. This reduction makes the liver susceptible to damage. (Source: Nature’s Potent Liver Remedy by Dr. Murray.)

Q: Are there any side effects from long-term use of LUXXE WHITE?
A: There are no known side effects or adverse reactions with oral administration of LUXXE WHITE for prolonged use. The only side effect is the SKIN WHITENING effect itself.

Q: Is LUXXE WHITE safe to be taken by young teens?
A: LUXXE WHITE can be safely taken by anyone 18 years old upwards.

Q: Does LUXXE WHITE have any side effects?
A: The only side effect of LUXXE WHITE is the WHITENING of your skin.

Q: Is it better to take LUXXE WHITE on an empty or full stomach?
A: LUXXE WHITE is best taken after meals or on a full stomach.

Q: Can men take LUXXE WHITE?
A: Yes, a man’s basic skin structure is the same as a woman’s.

A: Yes, LUXXE WHITE is BFAD Approved with CPR NO. FR-95204.

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